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Welcome on my home page on the World Wide Web!
I'm a Unix/Linux system administrator and programmer.
I'm also a big fan of Linux :-]
And, btw, I wrote a book about Linux, Linux: de PC als Unix-workstation, which was released under the GPL on 1999-11-12!!

More info

Hi there!
An informal and multimedial introduction. Or: how a biologist became a programmer, webmaster, system administrator and software engineer. If you like traveling, too, you may find my vacation checklist handy (in Dutch, but also available in English). It is also listed under my hobbies.
Eric's Linux page
Here you'll find more info about the Linux book, Hans Paijmans and I wrote. It is in Dutch and used to be available online at the NLLGG (Dutch Linux Users Group), but has been removed because it is obviously obsolete now (well, partly anyways).
Our book has been released under the GPL (GNU General Public License) on 1999-11-12, thanks to the kind cooperation of the publisher, ten Hagen & Stam!
Furthermore, my Linux page contains links to important things such as how to pronounce Linux in various languages, including Dutch.

Linux? It's an operating system, Jim, but not as we know it.

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