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Welcome on my Eudora to Unix (eudora2unix) page!

IMPORTANT: Project has moved to SourceForge:

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Since November 2002, Stevan White ( actively maintains this project, because I did not have time for it anymore. He has substantially contributed and actually rewritten my original Perl program to Python. Please check out his version, as it has much more options, e.g. explicit support for Pine.
Note that for a small number of mail folders, you can always use IMAP as an alternative for conversion between mailboxes if the source and target mail client both support it, because in that case you can simply use IMAP as a temporary intermediate persistent store.

My OLD Downloads (two files, or as tar.gz, tar.bz2)

Both scripts are placed under the GNU General Public License and are free software, both as in freedom and as in beer.
This software is also listed at Freshmeat and since November 2002 at

Installation, configuration and usage

Questions & Problems: Support
None, I'm sorry to say.
So if some kind soul wishes to take over maintenance, please be my guest!
Note (November 2002): Stevan White is now maintaining eudora2unix at SourceForge!
I am too busy with, well, eh, working and simply provided these scripts, with which I successfully migrated from that other OS to GNU/Linux (as my single OS) and KDE/KMail, as a courtesy to all other open-source software developers --- I am especially indebted to Blake Hannaford, whose initial Perl script got me going.
It was a one-time operation (after some finetuning) and I converted some 1 Gb mail (1994-2002), in some 100 mail folders (*.fol) and 1100 mailboxes (*.mbx) with a total of 200.000 messages in some 30 minutes on a Pentium-II (500 MHz, 256 Mb) with these two scripts (Eudora 4.3.2 to KMail 1.3.2, dd. 2002-01-28). I have no further use for these scripts now and you are free to do with them as you see fit, of course within the constraints of the GNU General Public License under which they are released.
Together with

there weren't much reasons to keep me working on that other OS anymore ;-)

Linux: because source does matter.

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