RGD Webmaster Handbook

The RGD webmaster handbook contains information about the World Wide Web server of the RijkZ Groen Dienst RGD (a fictional name). Amongst other things you'll find info about the site administrators, how RGD employees can deliver pages, standards followed, and tools used to implement this site.

Keywords: RGD WWW server, administrators, standards, tools, feedback.


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Chapter 1 gives general information about the RGD WWW server, such as the official URL and maintainers.
Chapter 2 describes the formal procedure for delivering pages to be published on the RGD WWW server and the HTML standard used. Furthermore, handy fill-out forms for delivering your personal, project or program home page (Dutch only).
Chapter 3 has information about the RGD WWW server itself, such as usage statistics, design principles, tools used and where the server has been registered. Section 3.3, Design principles, lists numerous handy tools and procedures for drastic color reductions and conversions of graphic files.

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