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The ICP, "Instellings Contact Persoon" (Institute Contact Person), is is a SURFnet defined function for the associated institutes. SURFnet is the Internet access provider of the RGD. The RGD ICP is the liaison of the RGD to SURFnet. This handbook describes the ICP tasks, including the other SURFnet defined functions (IC and SSC).
Futhermore, this handbook describes the setup of the e-mail addresses of the RGD and the relationship with ISO X.400 en X.500.

Keywords: ICP, Instellings Contact Persoon, SSC, Site Security Contact, IC, Instellings Coördinator, e-mail address format, X.400, X.500.


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Chapter 1 gives general information about SURFnet and the relationship with the contact persons of the RGD (amongst which the ICP), and their tasks.
Chapter 2 deals with the e-mail addresses on the RGD. The RGD has a consistent, intuitive and uniform naming scheme for e-mail addresses and home pages. This scheme conforms to SURFnet guidelines and well established practice in the Netherlands, with explicit attention to X.400, X.500, managebility and (automatic) maintainability. Furthermore, information about how to send e-mail to "EZ" (Ministry of Economic Affairs, to which the RGD belongs).
Within the framework of ICP and SURFnet activities, the ICP has written a number of publications, amongst which, e.g., test reports of software products. They are described in chapter 3, as well as entry of employee data into X.500.

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