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This is the English version of my cv. There is also a Dutch version:
  Eric Maryniak - Curriculum vitae (Nederlands)

See my contact page on how to reach me by e-mail or phone.

You may also want to read my current job description, which is available both in English and Dutch.

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A - General

    Name                   : E. (Eric) Maryniak MSc
    Birthdate (dd-mm-yyyy) : 26-10-1960
    Birthdate (ISO 8601)   : 1960-10-26
    Place of birth, country: Haarlem, Netherlands
    Nationality            : Netherlands

    Phone number           : Contact info

    Marital state          : married (2008-08-08, or 08/08/2008 in (any) local format)
    Driving license        : ABE (cars and motor bikes)
    Pilot license (PPL)    : Private Pilot's License (A1; VK1A, RT) from 1997--2006

    Internet e-mail address:
    WWW home page          :

B - Education

    Education              : University
    Major                  : Master degree in Biology, mathematics specialization
    From/To                : 1979--1986

    Education              : AMBI
    Modules                : HE1, HE2, HS2, T4 (Fortran), T5 (Pascal)
    From/To                : 1987--1989

    Education              : Technical University
    Vakken/Richting        : Bachelor degree in Computer Science (exemption)
    From/To                : 1990

C - Experience

Current employment:

    Employer               : Leiden University
                             ICT Shared Service Centre
    Job title              : UNIX-Linux administrator
    From/To                : August 2012 - present

Previous employments:

    Employer               : Hogeschool van Amsterdam
                             Department IT Services
    Job title              : Unix/Linux system administrator
                             Storage system administrator
    From/To                : August 2011 - July 2012

    Employer               : Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
                             Information and Observation Services and Technology,
                             IT Systems and Network Systems
    Job title              : Unix/Linux system administrator
                             Storage system administrator
                             ISO 9001 auditor (internal)
    From/To                : May 2007 - July 2011

    Employer               : Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
                             Department of Information Technology,
                             IT Operations Centre
    Job title              : Unix system administrator (Red Hat Linux)
                             Oracle DBA (8, 9i, 10i)
                             Blackboard (education CMS/DLO) technical administrator
    From/To                : September 2002 - May 2007

    Employer               : University of Amsterdam
                             Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences,
                             Department of Psychology,
                             neuroMod/Pionier research group
    Job title              : Senior Software engineer
    From/To                : September 1999 - September 2002 (3-year contract)

    Employer               : Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
                             Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services (NIWI)
    Job title              : Scientific programmer
    From/To                : September 1997 - September 1999

    Employer               : Universiteit Utrecht
                             Image Sciences Institute
    Job title              : Application and system programmer & network administrator
    From/To                : January 1997 to September 1997

    Employer               : Rijks Geologische Dienst RGD
                             (Geological Survey of the Netherlands, per 1997 part of TNO)
    Job title              : Technical scientific analist
    From/To                : 1994--1996

    Employer               : Delft University of Technology
                             Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science and
                             Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering,
    Job title              : Software engineer and system analist
    From/To                : 1988--1994

    Employer               : Matricom
    Job title              : Unix system administrator and system programmer
    From/To                : 1987--1988

    Employer               : Leiden University
    Job title              : Pascal programmer
    From/To                : 1986--1987 (alternative civilian service)

Other relevant experience:

    o  Statistics, logic, methodological analysis of literature
    o  Writing manuals and documentation, both technical and end-user level:
       e.g. I wrote a book about Linux (Linux: de PC als Unix-workstation)
       and lots of online WWW documentation
    o  Internet:
       o  Roll-out, maintenance and security
       o  E-mail installation and configuration (SURFnet ICP)
       o  World Wide Web (webmaster), HTML, Perl and CGI scripting
    o  Markup languages SGML, XML and LaTeX
    o  PAO course object oriented design, e.g. UML and Booch
    o  Entity/Relationship, SADT and DFD modelling
    o  ISO 9000 auditing and software quality assurance, ITIL Basics

D - Language knowledge


    Speaking               : Good
    Writing                : Good
    Reading                : Good


    Speaking               : Good
    Writing                : Good
    Reading                : Good

E - IT knowledge


    Certificate            : RHCSA - Red Hat Certified System Administrator
    ID#                    : 120-204-581 (RHEL 6)
    Valid from/to          : November 2012--2015

Platforms and databases:

    Operating systems      : Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, Irix, Linux: SuSE, Red Hat),
                             MS-Windows (3.x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP), MS-DOS, MacOS,
                             OS/2, NeXT, CMS, PDP RSX-11, VAX VMS
    User interfaces        : KDE, Gnome and Motif (X-Windows based), Open Look,
                             NeXT Step, Bourne shell and bash (Unix cmd line),
                             MS-Windows (3.x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP), DOS cmd line,
                             MacOS, OS/2 Presentation Manager
    Databases              : MySQL, Ingres (Windows4GL, Avenue), Oracle,
                             Qint SQL, MS-Access, Paradox

Programming tools:

    Languages              : C, C++ (gcc, Borland Builder, MS-Visual),
                             Eiffel (ISE), Pascal (and Delphi), Modula-2,
    Tools                  : Perl, Python, Gnu software, standard Unix tools
                             such as cvs, grep, sed, awk and shell (incl. bash)
    Libraries              : Tkinter, wxWindows, Qt, XVT en StarView (gui),
                             Poet (OO-database), all platform independent


    WWW clients            : Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer,
                             Mosaic, Lynx
    WWW servers            : Apache, Zope, CERN, NCSA
    HTML authoring         : Zope (DTML), Web designer (Corel), Netscape,
                             MapEdit (clickable maps), Perl (automatic
                             generation of complex documents)
    Design                 : Gimp, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, various GIF-tools
    Tools                  : Zope, Perl, vi, weblint, sgmls (HTML validation),
                             MS-Office and various conversion tools

F - Ambitions and preferences

    #  What do I want next year?
    o  Getting certified to consolidate and advance my Unix/Linux knowledge
       and experience, and be better equipped to manage outsourced projects:
       - RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) and then perhaps RHCA (Architect).
       - Requirements Engineering.
    #  What do I want in the coming 4 years?
    o  I would like to stay involved with Quality Management.
       During the ISO 9001:2008 certification of the KNMI, sector IT
       Infrastructure, I was a project member and have conducted an internal
       Verifying that procedures and instructions (from ISO, Itil or otherwise)
       really help administrators and customers in improving their work and
       product, respectively, is very inspiring to me.
    o  On the other hand I am considering to pick up my old craft, programming.
       If that is in the technical-scientific field or data mining, e.g. with
       a tool like QlikView, or something else, is not that important to me:
       as long as it produces user-friendly software that concretely addresses
       customers' needs.
    o  To summarize: be an optimal partner for customers thanks to advanced
       knowledge of technical matters in order to make my work really matter.

G - Hobbies

    o  Watching films, especially arthouse, and video editing myself
    o  Nature hiking with my wife and with my friends, home or abroad
    o  Listening to music: concerts or at home, radio (top 2000!) and podcasts
    o  Reading: popular science and sci-fi

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